Types of Malware

Malware is one of the biggest threats of the digital world & it comes in different forms. Therefore, to stay protected let’s learn about its types:



Undoubtedly, viruses are the most common type of Malware. Usually, to infect a system hacker attaches a malicious code in the email and waits for the victim to execute the file thereby infecting the device.



It is one of the most lucrative and popular types of Malware. Ransomware simply locks down and encrypts the victim’s data or device, and then demands a ransom to restore access and decrypt data.



Scareware, also known as deception software, rogue scanner, or fraudware is malicious software that tricks victims into paying a fee for rogue software that will fix the so-called problem.



Worms cause damage like computer viruses but are not viruses. Worm program operates alone and by exploiting vulnerabilities they spread through a network without any human intervention.



As the name explains is used to spy on the user. It aims to track and sell your internet usage data, capture financial details, or credit card information without the user’s knowledge.



Trojan or Trojan horse is a type of malicious code that looks legitimate & controls your system. Once up and running it damages the system, steals data, disrupts the functioning of the network & device.



An unwanted program designed to push advertisements up on your screen via the web browser when you go online. They are usually installed in exchange for another service.

Fileless malware

Fileless Malware

Fileless Malware is one of the biggest digital infiltration threats to companies. This type of Malware uses default software, protocols, and applications to install itself and perform malicious activities.

Infected Malware

Warning Signs that your Windows Computer Is Malware-Infected

The most frequent warning signs of Malware infection on your computer:

  1. 1.Slow & sluggish computer performance.
  2. 2.Annoying ads.
  3. 3.Frequent system crashes, pop-up messages from unknown software.
  4. 4.Each time you open the web browser it takes you to an unintended site.
  5. 5.Unfamiliar icons displayed on the desktop.
  6. 6.Unable to access control panel.
  7. 7.Friends start to receive strange messages from you.
  8. 8.Computer applications take longer than usual to start.

The more you see these common indicators, the higher is the possibility of your system being infected by Malware. In case you see, browser redirects and frequent pop-up warning messages that your system is infected consider them as the strong signs of your system being infected.

How to Stay Protected From Malware?

Tips to stay protected from Malware and viruses:

● Keep your operating system and software up to date.

● Avoid clicking on links and downloading attachments within emails.

● Be selective about the site you visit.

● Check URL of each site you visit and trust.

● Use trusted and comprehensive Antivirus and Malware software like Systweak Antivirus.

● Schedule regular scans and monitor the software and applications you run on the system.

● Never click on a link in a popup. Close the message by hitting X and exit the site that generated it.

● Don’t get attracted to Freeware, they contain malicious code that can harm your system and disrupt the functioning.

Think before you click, don’t take the bait

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